Retail Experience. Craftsman Décor.

We have visited hundreds of stores across the globe and it’s easy to see why certain grocers are successful: they have a connection to their customers. Patrons walk in a feel like they belong. Customers want to linger because shopping is an experience, not a mundane task.

Creating an experience is what we do. We know how to help the independent grocer because we have traveled the world seeking solutions and finding inspiration. We have also created a community of award-winning retail locations along the way.

Become a Part of Our Team

We are hiring talented people with capabilities like no other. At Decorworx we believe in delivering quality every time and pride ourselves on our innovative nature.
If you are a person bursting with passion and talent for handcrafted quality then we would love to have you join us.

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Custom Store Decor

Decor designed for your brand

We love to create custom décor for our clients. Our décor is high quality and beautiful, guaranteed to help you stand out from your competitors and impress your customers.

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Branding + Consulting

The key to marketing your company 

Branding is key to marketing your company. A correctly branded store will allow customers to quickly associate your brand with their attitudes and feelings towards your name.

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Custom Photography

Capture the essence of your company

Custom photography is the perfect way to capture the essence of your store. Employees and customers will enjoy seeing your products and staff highlighted in your store.

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Our Clients

We have worked with over 250 stores nationwide and are currently expanding internationally.Here’s a look at a few of our clients: 

  • Honey Bee
  • Fireside Market and Eatery
  • Harmons Neighborhood Grocer
  • LeBlanc’s Frais Marche
  • Piggly Wiggly 
  • Champagnes Market
  • Lin’s Fresh Market

Click on the link below to read case studies of completed stores, testimonials from our valued clients, and view ROI figures of remodeled stores. 

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Our selection of stock products are guaranteed to help you stand out in the marketplace.

Our stock products will bring an increased sense of pride and excitement to your store. An addition or update with these key décor pieces will help improve the overall image of your store, allowing you to better connect with your customers. You can also view our portfolio and case studies portfolio.

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Our goal is to supply you with the resources you need, before and after remodeling your store. Let us use our talents and experience to help you navigate the evolving demands of the retail world.

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