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Alpine, Wyoming



In 1922, Charlie Broulim started his first grocery store on Main Street in Rigby, Idaho. Since that time, Broulim's has developed a reputation for combining world-class service with the very best products. Broulim's has experienced much success over the past 90 years as they have expanded into new locations throughout Idaho and Western Wyoming.

Brand Marks & Logo Variations

This logo combined Broulim's commitment to "Innovation in Signature Foods" with their iconic "B" logotype mark. It is a logical evolution from their old logo, which will allow them to grow into their future strategies. This created a whole new visual perception of their brand that feels elevated yet approachable.


Typography is an essential element used in a brand’s identity. It creates visual image through text and hierarchy. A brand with an expanded visual language usually use a primary, secondary, and sometimes accent typeface to create a cohesive and robust means of communication over any digital or print medium.

Color Palette

The primary color palette is very neutral in so it can cover each of the stores different visual identity strategies. Pops of blue and green shown in the secondary palette can be used to liven up the neutrals of the primary palette.


Textures are powerful visual indicators of brand identity. They create tactile and memorable experiences in not only the brand's physical space, but also in a brand's digital space as well. Instead of solely using color, brands can incorporate brand specific textures, which offers ultimate flexibility with design, while maintaining brand consistency. Broulim's texture palette expresses a multitude of different things about the brand. Some textures are more industrial and represent the modern aesthetic of their brand, while the woods and metals, although in different finishes, have a more rustic feel to them. All of these textures work together to express a brand that feels elevated yet at the same time crafted.

Brand Imagery

Broulim's capitalizes on appealing to their "signature shoppers" through food imagery that highlights the quality and freshness of their food and their specific in-house signature items. As the brand has elevated its image, it is important that they specifically utilize food imagery that has an edge of high-end but still has to feel warm enough to appear as though the food is affordable.

Aside to the food, they focus on highlighting a few other subjects of imagery that help personalize their brand. They utilize environmental or life-style imagery in tandem with their food imagery to highlight the faces of their EXPERT team and customers - specifically ones of people interacting with their products. This style of photography is unposed, has a lot of environmental context and overall feels very relatable.

"Through skilled and devoted team members, Broulim's will provide the highest levels of guest service, quality, and value in a clean, enjoyable environment, thereby ensuring profitability and growth!"

Brand Mark & Logo Variations


Color Palette

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