Our Process

Why Decorworx?

When you succeed, we succeed. Our company values building relationships and providing innovative décor for businesses looking to grow.  

Experienced Team Members
With over 25+ years of experience in our industry, we want to help other independent companies succeed against large corporations. From Sales and Design, to Manufacturing and Installation; our team members are passionate individuals within their field.

Comprehensive Processes
No matter the budget or size of the project, we guarantee there is a plan that works for you. Our Curated and Custom experiences give you the power to create and elevate your retail space.  

National Reach
Our partners work with us from all around the country. We may be based in Southern Utah, but our goal is to help independent grocery stores wherever they are. We have helped hundreds of business owners across the United States.

Are Decorworx and Rainbow Sign and Design sister companies?

Rainbow Sign and Design first opened its doors in 1996 with the dedication towards helping local businesses thrive.
By 2011, Decorworx is launched to extend its reach past the Inter-Mountain West. Both companies are located on the same campus in Cedar City, Utah. To learn more about Rainbow, click here.

Does Decorworx work exclusively in Utah?

We currently serve thousands of businesses across the United States. To see where we have gone, check out our Works page.

Is your work exclusively with independent grocers?

While our niche is working in independent retail, we can help independent businesses in different areas of interest as well. To see how we can help you, contact us to speak one on one with a sales representative.

Our Services

What is the difference between Custom and Curated projects?

Our Custom experience is a personalized approach for our partners to get creative and innovative with their décor. The possibilities are endless, and we help you every step of the process. This experience is for visionaries and dreamers. 

Our Curated experience gives our partners the opportunity to enhance their store while staying within their budget. Partners receive a variety of different styles and options to choose from. This experience is fast, easy, and accessible for all.

What capabilities are included in custom projects?

We are your one-stop shop for retail décor. Our Custom experience can help you with branding, photography, design, project management, manufacturing, and installation.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Contact us;

You can call, email, or visit our website.


What if we’re doing a copy and paste store for one of our existing stores? Does that change the timeline?

If you’re doing a repeating the design of an existing store, your timeline will shrink. For more custom projects, we spend a significant amount of time in the design concepts and full design. This will also save time in engineering because we would already have experience in building the design pieces.  

Although we will be saving time in these stages, that does not mean we skip them all together. All of our partners receive a full 360 design for approval before moving forward.

What happens if I change my mind on a design that’s already been approved?

We understand things change. As we go through this process there are certain elements that once approved would cause a major shift in your timeline if changed. Depending on the circumstances, we would meet with you to discuss how it would affect the overall timeline, our goals for install completion, and overtime design prices. We want to make sure you’re happy with the final product, so communication is key.

How early can we start working on a project together?

We understand how exciting it can be to start developing future plans. Once we get in touch, a member of our sales team will begin gathering information for your project. Depending on how far in advance we begin discussions it is possible you may not have all the information we ask for from the start; that is okay. We can discuss design elements, ideas, and other creative concepts you’d like incorporated in the design process.

Still need help? Contact our Support Team.