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What is train'd

TRAIN'D is a simple process, that aligns leadership & instills confidence in your future

Ever wonder what customer experience your business is providing?

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Receive a detailed guide on the six key areas to improve your customer experience. Learn from an outside perspective on the realities of your customer experience.

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What is a train'd workshop

Know where to focus your efforts & business with a three-day workshop


2-3-Day Discovery Workshop


Hands-on activities and exercises


Getting the team on board


Apply the strategy to your brand & setting

are you ready?

Because we are Ready
for your Success

We give organizations the training and tools necessary to ACTUALLY implement strategy which is necessary for creating lasting change

ONE - Saves time in the long-run
TWO - Lays the foundation for a cohesive brand, setting, and customer experience
THREE - Provides focus and structure for the entire organization
FOUR - Sets a path for the future

A highly interactive 2-3 day workshop,
where your organizations leadership will receive individualized training on high-level concepts and how-to implement them

What will you walk away with?

Have Confidence In Your Future

A 1-page Business plan
"The Engine"

An Aligned vision for your business

a foundation for your brand and marketing

defined business strategies

access to branding & retail services

A path to loyalty with your customers


What some of our Partners have said
about TRAIN'D

The Train' d workshop to me is the most effective visioning team-building workshop that I've ever been a part of. I have never come out of a workshop like I had been so productive, but also so exhausted because we went through so much and it was just so much brainstorming and so much talking, but it was so awesome. It was extremely, extremely valuable and just a really cool experience.

TESSA DOUGLASS – Director of Community Relations for Southwest Technical College

TRAIN’D forced us to focus. We had so many ideas for our business we could have easily presented for 50 minutes and not run out of words but, through TRAIN’D we were able to narrow everything down to one statement that was easy to understand. What we do, what we are, who we are, and then identify our customers.

Bryce Bennett – Smart Termite Pest Control/ Co-founder of Bactelife 

So many other workshops that I've been to and seminars that I've attended, the destination is predetermined. You go there and you're coerced into arriving to the goal that the presenter wants you to arrive to. That wasn't the case with Train'd. With Train'd, it was more about self-discovery and creating goals that met our needs.
Train’d helped us identify our target markets and work towards meeting the goals that we must serve those markets better.

Kaden Mcbride – Business Training Manager at Southwest Tech Innovation Center 

Train'd, took it to another level for us, it made it so we were all together. We all knew what was going on and really accomplished everything we wanted to do. I would take my entire team and do this all over again because we would just learn that much more and become that much better as a team.

Isaac Askeroth – Manager at Southwest Tech Innovation Center 

The thing that shocked me the most was how well put together it all was. Being in academics, designing curriculum that engages people and putting it together in a format that looks and feels right is very complex and difficult. The whole experience was seamless. From how we were welcomed to the way they led us in our process of discovery, everything from beginning to end was magical.

Scott Leavitt – Vice President of Academics at Southwest Tech 

We weren’t really certain what we were looking for. How do we do this? How do we tie it all together and keep the charm of our small store?
We wanted to keep that and we did.

Chad Winters - owner of
Leon's Gourmet Grocer