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Passion and learning are intertwined at Decorworx. We have plenty of fun together: retreats, work parties, learning lunches, and a lot of laughing. Every day brings new challenges, and every day we work together to meet them.

We are creators! We create things from nothing. We design, build, fabricate, use our hands & our minds to mold materials into something beautiful.

Relationships are key
to our success

And purpose resonates. Sincere core values are key to connecting with real people in a digital first society.  

Customers will never love a company
until the team members love it first.
core values

We live by these six core values

Through these values, we are able to create quality products, as well as a culture that is built around each value create a work environment that we love to be in.


Relationships is what we base everything we do on, from interactions with our customers to our team.


We feel it is essential that our team members have a passion for what they do, and what the company does.


It is more than being creative in the sense of artistic endeavor, but also in how we approach our work, resolve concerns and solve issues.


We believe that we never know it all and that we never stop learning.


It's important to do what needs to be done to get the work done, we feel satisfaction that comes with doing hard things.


We have pride in what we do, and doing our very best, is what craftmanship means to us.