Case Study | Broulim's Fresh Foods

Broulim’s Fresh Foods sets a new standard of quality service and local support for Idahoans. Now serving Southeast Idaho and Wyoming, this store has made tremendous strides since their first store opening over 100 years ago in Rigby, Idaho. What sets this store apart from larger competitors is its dedication to providing high quality service through their highly skilled and devoted team members.



For most retail brands, conveying the quality of your product through your brand isa vital component. Decorworx had the opportunity to work with Broulim’s back in 2020 for their store in Alpine, Wyoming. They wanted to create a memorable experience their new store.


This store was an incredible feat for the company as the store was expanded from around 13,000 sq ft. to 37,000 sq ft.  The store was proposed to have a full-service bakery, delicatessen, and floral department. What also set this store apart from competitors is its additions like their ice cream bar, pharmacy with drive-up window, and a 30-table seating area for Deli customers.  Our goal in working with them was to help create a memorable experience for shoppers while still upholding brand consistency through their signage.




With a blend of wood, metal, and stone textures, and personalized imagery of the store’s fresh foods, we were able to create a unique experience for this store.


This one-of-a-kind design conveys Broulim’s message of craftsmanship and premium service through its signage. These designs are custom to the store, creating a functional space that builds brand loyalty. The store offers a lot of interactive features and through our signage we wanted to convey a message that is open and inviting. Each department’s signage carries a different design complimentary with its service and products.


Now, Broulim’s is continuing to provide high quality service and food products forits 10 stores in Southeastern Idaho and Wyoming. With over 100 years of experience, the company continues to deliver fresh ingredients to its “signature shoppers” both online and in-store.


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