Elevate Your Deli and Butcher Departments

Delicatessens and Butcher Blocks have been a staple in American grocery stores for decades. What once was a source for lunch meat and select cuts is now the destination for all your custom meals and gourmet food items. Including these sections in yourstore enhances customer experience and is a great way to connect with local farms and the community. If you are looking to elevate your Deli and Butcher, checkout these five helpful tips.

Give This Section a Creative Name

This is a popular marketing tool grocery stores give to their Deli and Butcher to craft a personalized experience for the customer. By doing this, guests are exposed to new and creative ways to advertise your product. This will improve your customer’s experience and boost brand loyalty. 



Find What Makes Your Department Unique

Is your product locally sourced or partnered with another brand? You should showcase products in this section of your store that makes your products unique.Customers will gravitate towards new and out of the ordinary services that set your section apart.



Advertise All Your Services

Most customers don’t know the full range of services that delicatessens and butchers provide in store. Change the narrative and convey your services through your signage.This will not only attract more customers but will also increase brand loyalty over time.

Robert's Fresh Market, Baton Rouge, LA


Consider Lighting

Making sure your displays have adequate lighting for your product is crucial. Proper lighting increases the overall appeal of your product and draws shoppers in. If your store is looking to decrease its energy consumption while still providing high quality lighting, try using LED bulbs for your displays.


Harmon's Neighborhood Grocer, Holladay, UT

Display Complimentary Products

Customers love convenience. It’s the number one factor that drives sales and boosts customer retention. Pairing select merchandise with your meat products is a popular marketing tool grocers use to aid shoppers in their buying process. You can include seasonings, grilling tools, cutlery, or select bakery items to entice shoppers to plan their next meal.




Elevating your Deli and Butcher focus points will improve your stores customer experience and serve many uses. With these helpful changes your sections will attract a variety of shoppers and allow your business to grow. Decorworx helps its partners create custom signage and serve the many shoppers in independent retail. For more information check out our Services page.