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Leons Gourmet Grocer
Lincoln, Nebraska



“We weren’t really certain what we were looking for. How do we do this? How do we tie it all together and keep the charm of our small store? We wanted to keep that and we did.”

Local since 1933 — Leon’s Gourmet Market has been proudly serving the local Lincoln community by sharing with them our passion for food and quality. We are a premier gourmet market committed to providing genuine hospitality, authentic foods, a real market experience, and are home to the famous Butcher Block Meat Department.

Leon’s purpose as a business is to bring people together whether they’re shopping with us or sharing a meal with someone at home - we strive to create memorable experiences. Leon’s brand attributes range from goals, services, and some of the accolades we think to define them.

Brand Mark & Logo Variations

Leon's logo is a signature, signed by hand. The logo itself is simplistic and considered to be a wordmark. Its simplicity lends itself to it appearing modern and to the point as it only uses typography as the defining visual element. The logo is comprised of Leon's name and the short sub-line, “Gourmet Grocer.” The slab-serif font pairs well with the elegance of the hand-drawn logotype, as it helps give it a little more personality and warmth.


Much like the overall mood of the Leon's brand we have a simplistic and straight forward typographical system, comprised of only a primary and secondary typeface. We use a friendly slab-serif (Archer),and a no frills, geometric sans-serif (Roboto) to help us create messages that are both approachable and refined, in an effort to communicate Leon's commitment to quality and showcase their expertise. We chose to keep a more reserved type system to compliment the logotype signature of their brand.

Color Palette

Leon's signature palette is a combination of 5 different colors split across a primary and supplemental palette. As a whole, the color palette is a juxtaposition of lively, modern and heritage— all three of which are totally different feelings when it comes to execution. We feel that our palette, while non congruent in some ways, is a complex collection that fits Leon's brands diverse offerings and history.
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