Signage That Increases The Emotional Value Of Your Products

Signage is a great tool you can use to expand your brand. The signage displayed in your store helps shape the emotional value that customers assign to your products. If you want your customers to associate positive feelings with your brand, consider implementing the following.

01 Signage that shares your store’s history

Zuppardo’s is one store that highlights their history through signage. Zuppardo’s Family Market is known for being the oldest self-service supermarket in the New Orleans area. They pride themselves on being family owned and operated. For more on Zuppardo’s history, click here.

Installing signage that highlights your store’s past is a great way to get customers to connect with your brand. When you share your store’s history, you are sharing your brand story. Brand storytelling communicates important information to your customers, such as who you are, what makes you unique, and how your business began. Proper brand storytelling can be depicted through signage to help attract customers that share your values and relate to your store’s vision. 

02 Signage that includes people

Installing signage that includes people will make your products seem more accessible. Many clothing companies include signage of people wearing their clothing, and clothing stores with a youth-based demographic often showcase teenagers in their signage. By knowing your demographics and displaying people that fit into those demographics, you can create a sense of community and relatability with your customers.

People also want to put a face to who is serving them and/or providing them with their products. Showcasing your bakers or team members is one way you can do just that. Installing signage that includes your team members can also boost team morale and highlight your appreciation for your team.

03 Signage that displays your community

Installing signage that displays your community will highlight your involvement within the community. Stores and businesses that highlight their appreciation for the community are able to connect with customers on a deeper level. In addition, community engagement is one reason people continue to shop in-store. Consider hosting events at your store to increase customer loyalty and instill community pride. To learn more about how signage can bring communities together, click here.

04 Signage that starts conversations or answers FAQ

Installing signage that poses a question is a great way to help your customers feel involved. When you ask customers interesting questions through signage, you start up meaningful conversations and foster relationships. Signage also has the ability to answer FAQ from your customers. By answering FAQ and/or installing signage that starts conversations, you can create a positive experience for your customers and help them feel connected to your brand. 

05 Signage that solves customer problems

People will often enter your business looking for a solution to their problem. Your products and/or services have the ability to help make your customers’ lives easier. There are a few steps you can take to help your customers solve their problems.

Being knowledgable about how your products and/or services solve your customers’ problems is the first step. You can do this by researching how your customer demographics relate to your products. The next step is figuring out how to let your customers know that their problems can be solved through your products. Signage explaining how your products will make your customers’ lives easier is one of the best ways to communicate this.

Implementing signage that helps your customers associate positive emotions with your brand will help increase customer loyalty and sales. Increasing the emotional value that customers associate with your products is key to forming lasting impressions for your customers.

Collaborate with us to create custom signage that will elevate your space and help customers associate positive feelings with your brand.