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Zuppardo's Family Market
Metairie, Louisiana



Local since 1929 — Zuppardo’s Family Market is the oldest self-service supermarket in the New Orleans area. We have been a family tradition for over five generations. Family owned and operated, working together with dedicated employees to provide superior products and memorable service.

Zuppardo’s mission is to serve their community by delivering an exceptional shopping experience through time-honored traditions of service, quality product at the best value, and an elevated environment. The store relies on the efforts of each of their associates to help meet their customer’s expectations. The difference is in their attitude!  

Zuppardo’s vision is to be the most elevated supermarket in their community, and one of the most distinguished and innovative supermarkets in the grocery industry. They have achieved this thorough award-winning customer service, an engaged internal culture, multi-faceted shopping options for every lifestyle, and a wide variety of superior products at the lowest prices.

Brand Mark & Logo Variations

Our logo is a simple logotype, using only typography as the defining visual element. We use a script based typeface to bring a lot of visual character into our logo since we opt not to use any iconography in pairing. The use of the script gives our logo movement and a more welcoming feeling. Our name paired with a tall sans-serif tagline that grounds it and makes it feel a bit more current.


Typography is a valid use in brand identity. It creates a visual image through text and hierarchy. Two main typefaces are used to create a strong and cohesive brand for Zuppardo’s Family Market.

Color Palette

Colors and the consistent use of them in the Zuppardo's brand is a vital part of our visual identity. Our colors are specified Pantone colors and therefore are 'ideal colors.' All colors used on behalf of the brand should match the value for coated Pantone as closely as possible to ensure identical colors across all media.
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