Why Do You Need Branding?

Your brand is the most powerful asset of your company. Brand dictates how consumers feel about your business, and whether or not they want to give you their hard-earned money. Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not simply your logo or your typography, but rather it’s the gut feeling your consumers get when they think of your company. Although it’s incredibly difficult to change how customers view your brand, you can guide their perceptions through branding.

What is a Brand?

One of the most common misconceptions is that branding only encompasses your logo and font selection. Although these elements can help convey the personality of your brand to consumers, your real brand is how customers perceive you. Through creating a distinctive brand, your customers will have something to identify with and they will have a clear idea of who you are. Brand covers everything from your logo to your values and your communications.

Keep Your Voice Concise

To precisely convey what you want your brand to be, you must keep a clear and concise voice across all platforms that you communicate on. These platforms can include social media platforms, your website, or any written/print communications between you and your customers. If you follow the same voice in your communications, your customers will know what to expect from you and will begin to trust your business.

Incorporate Your Core Values

Not only does branding help your customers identify who you are, it also helps your current and potential employees determine who you are as a company through your core values. Your core values reflect the personality of your company, and attract consumers and potential employees who can connect with those values and become loyal to your brand. When choosing your core values, make sure to create a voice that flows through the rest of your brand communications.

Cohesive Brand Image

Furthermore, a concise and defined brand creates a cohesive message across your entire organization, both internally and externally. It will help your customers recognize your voice more quickly, and your employees to better understand your expectations from them.