Smells That Will Drive Your Sales
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Smell is one of the most crucial senses when it comes to proper sensory marketing. A well-done scent marketing strategy can drive sales, build customer loyalty, increase browsing time, and create memorable experiences for your customers.

Read on to learn about different scents that can elevate your space. 

Calming Scents

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01| Lavender

Lavender is known for its many health benefits. Some of these benefits include: sleep support, pain reduction, and germ prevention. Since lavender is healing in nature, promoting lavender scents would be ideal for spas or wellness organizations. Lavender is also the perfect scent to implement as a thematic smell in grocery stores. Thematic smells are scents that compliment specific exhibits or areas of a store. If you place lavender scents in areas that promote health and wellness products, you can increase your sales and elevate your customers’ mood.

02| Vanilla

Vanilla has been shown to be highly effective at increasing sales when used in the proper setting. Vanilla is an inviting scent that can create a calming environment and reduce stress in your customers. Since most people have positive memories associated with vanilla, implementing this scent can also promote feelings of nostalgia in your customers. If you want to choose a scent that is known for increasing sales and decreasing stress, vanilla is the perfect option.

03| Fresh Cotton 

Fresh cotton is a popular choice for clothing retailers because it promotes the natural smell of new fabric. Fresh cotton scents stimulate peaceful feelings and create a relaxing atmosphere. On top of that, this scent gives you the ability to establish a fresh image that will elevate your store’s brand. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere and promote a fresh image, consider implementing fresh cotton scents in your store.

04| Chocolate

A recent study revealed that implementing scents of chocolate throughout a bookstore increased customer engagement and sales. It has been shown that the smell of chocolate often eliminates sensory distractions due to its calming effect on the brain. Not only does chocolate calm the brain, it also releases endorphins. This means that this scent serves a dual function; it has the ability to create both feelings of relaxation and alertness. Consider implementing chocolate scents in your store if you want to encourage customer engagement, increase sales, and eliminate sensory distractions.

Invigorating Scents


01| Citrus 

A study done by Washington State University suggests that shoppers spend more time in stores with citrus scenting. Orange and lemon are two common citrus scents used in scent marketing. Citrus scents are known for their incredible mood boosting benefits. They also contain refreshing properties that can energize your customers and increase buying behavior. Keep in mind that different citrus scents have unique functions. Orange scents are associated with feelings of warmth. Lemon scents, on the other hand, are considered highly invigorating. Consider the purpose behind your scent marketing strategy before choosing which citrus scent to implement.

02| Peppermint

Peppermint is a highly invigorating scent that encourages creative thinking. While it is known that certain scents have the ability to influence customer behavior, a lesser known fact is that certain smells also affect your team’s behaviors. Peppermint is the perfect scent to use if you want to increase motivation in your team. Increasing motivation will likewise increase productivity in the workplace. Peppermint is the perfect scent choice if you want to increase creativity, motivation, and productivity in your business.

03| Rosemary

Rosemary is another scent that can increase motivation and productivity in the workplace. On top of that, dispersing rosemary scents in your store may have the ability to enhance your customers’ memory. This means that rosemary is the perfect option if you want to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ mind.  

Distinctive Scents ‍‍

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01| Pine Tree

Pine scents are used for a variety of reasons. Many businesses that sell outdoor products implement pine scents to incorporate feelings of nature into their brand. Stores also commonly promote pine tree scents during Christmas to improve the holistic holiday experience for their customers. Pine scents are also known to decrease stress and increase energy. Whether you want to use pine scents during the holiday season or to promote nature-based products, pine scents can present many benefits to your store.

02| Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another holiday-themed scent that can increase your sales during Christmas. However, cinnamon scents have multiple functions in the scent marketing world. One study suggests that cinnamon encourages customers to buy luxurious items. Cinnamon may also promote feelings of nostalgia and increases appetite in your customers. If your store promotes luxurious products and/or food items, cinnamon may be the perfect scent to implement.


When choosing which scents to implement in your store, it is important to keep in mind that simple smells sell better than complex smells. When developing your scent marketing strategy, it is important to ask yourself a few questions. What feelings do you want to promote and what experience do you want to create for your customers?

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