Save Time With A Timeline

At Decorworx, our goal is to help you tell your story and bring your vision to life. Not only do we aim to deliver a quality product, we want to do it in a timely manner because your time is valuable. With thehelp of timelines, we are able to stay organized and keep our project moving so that we can reach our goals together. They are essential to our business and staying on track is something we take veryseriously. These “blueprints” help us see the project all the way through from start to finish.

Having a timeline is similar to having a plan of action. It allows you to check off items in a list while helping us stay organized as we collaborate. By having an agreed upon timeline, we are solving threeproblems: miscommunication, misdirection and wasting time. Timelines serve as a tool to accurately communicate where we are at, where we have been and where we are going. This consistency is crucialin making sure everyone involved understands what is expected. With a timeline, there is no misdirection because it is made clear to us with easy-to-read steps and statements. Lastly, we save timeby laying out our goals for your project as we travel through each step. This guide simply makes the process easier for you!


One of the first items we will share with you is our timeline. It is something we bring up early so we can discuss the steps of our project, set timely expectations and hold ourselves accountable. For this sole purpose, we have created The Decorworx Experience Agreement (shown below). The agreement breaks down each part of the project and also gives you a time frame of completion for each item. Once these timelines have been discussed and agreed upon, we can start the process!

COLLECT INFO (1-2 weeks)

Since collecting information is the first step in our timeline it’s important that we gather all of the information we need from you within the first two weeks. The more information the better as the restof the timeline will build upon this framework. In this section there is no such thing as “too much” because we will keep all of your ideas, thoughts, measurements, etc. and take it with us to the nextstep: designing concepts.


In these few weeks, we will take all of the information we’ve collected and start putting concepts together for you. In order to stay on track, it’s important for you to share your thoughts and opinions on each concept so you are confident in the one you select. Once you choose the concept you like the most we can start designing for the entire space.

FULL DESIGN (4-5 weeks)

As we collaborate on your full design, we will likely take the full 5 weeks. This is because once we move on to engineering and production, everything is set in motion. In these design weeks, sticking to the timeline is crucial in order to stay on track with our set install completion date. Together we will help finalize the entire design for your space and move into engineering and production.


During these 6-8 weeks, we will take all of the unique designs you approved and hold discussions on how we will engineer them. Although production takes up a good chunk of our timeline we are confident they will be of the highest quality as we handcraft your unique design pieces.

INSTALLATION (1-4 weeks)

The time frame for installation varies greatly depending on a number of the level of difficulty, the size of your store and the design elements being installed. During this step, we will be transparent and keep you informed of everything that comes up during install. If anything comes up that will cause a change in our timeline we will notify you immediately.


The estimations for each part of the project were created from actual projects we have worked on in the past. The slight flexibility in the timeline is simply because no two projects are alike and each should progress at its own time. Although this is the general agreement for experience design projects, there is always room for discussion and adjustments. Ultimately, we want to make sure we are on the same page as we move forward together.

Although we have discussed the “why” and the “how” behind our timeline, we understand you may have additional questions. Feel free to contact us about anything that may not have been answered in this article. A member of our sales team will happily speak with you about timelines. Please refer to frequently asked questions below which may also help. Our team is excited to discuss the timeline of your upcoming projects and hope to hear from you soon!