Reassuring Customers In Uncertain Times

The worldwide pandemic has made in-person shopping a stressful experience for many. In order to reassure your customers and keep an in-person presence in your store, consider implementing the following measures.

01 Be transparent with customers

During stressful and uncertain times, people like to have as much information as possible. Having signage that educates customers on what procedures your store is implementing can create trust and lessen the anxiety of your customers. Updates, such as requiring customers to wear masks or reducing your store hours, should be properly communicated to your customers. In order to eliminate your customers concerns, consider including signage in front of your store. Having signage at the front of your store will let customers know how what to expect when they enter your store. Being transparent with your customers will help them feel more comfortable in your store and eliminate uncertainty. 

02 Be creative when dealing with product shortages

Empty shelves during a pandemic can raise many concerns for your customers. There are a few things that you can do to lessen the stress that your customers experience when they see product shortages. It is important to make sure you are placing your products strategically. For instance, try placing products that are short in supply at eye-level shelves. It will be easier for your customers to see products when you avoid placing them at the top or bottom shelves. For more information on visual merchandising, refer to our article here.

03 Be empathetic and understanding

Expressing your empathy for your customers during stressful times will help your customers feel less alone. Consider sending out a newsletter that shares resources and helpful tips about living through a pandemic. If your store has implemented new procedures that will affect your customers’ shopping experience, install signage that apologizes for any inconveniences. Social media is also a great way to reach out to your customers and express your empathy. By properly expressing empathy, you will be creating a positive environment that strengthens your connection with customers.

04 Be the same company with the same values

Although the pandemic changed certain parts of your store’s experience, it shouldn’t change your store’s values. Continuing to uphold your company’s core values and beliefs through stressful times shows that your brand is consistent. Brand consistency means an organization continues to deliver messages to their customers that align with their brand’s core values and identity. When announcing new procedures and updates to your store’s policies, make sure that your announcements are on brand. It is important to make sure that your social media posts, signage, newsletters, etc. regarding procedure updates are written in a tone that correctly represents your organization. For instance, if your store values creativity, show your customers how the pandemic had inspired you to become more innovative.