The Modern Farmhouse Experience

The Modern Farmhouse style has expanded tremendously in recent years. Originally developed by the Magnolia Company’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, this style offers the best of both traditional and contemporary design. Incorporating this style within your business can open the door for customer loyalty and brand refinement. Here, we will be delving into the specifics that make this style, and how this concept may be just what your spaces decor needs. 

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It’s Reliable

 Modern farmhouse design takes the comfortable, relaxed country style and adds minimalist accents like smooth graphics, organic textures, and neutral color schemes. The key to this style is combining old with new. Not only is this style trendy, but it also molds to community styles incredibly well. For our work with Crop’s Fresh Marketplace, we wanted to highlight the farming industry that is close with Crops history. We achieved this by adding historical photos and subtle graphics throughout the store. These attributes paired with modern design helped uphold the stores new image while paying homage to the hard-working farmers that help supply their products.

It’s Comfortable

One thing that sets Modern Farmhouse apart from our other traditional styles is the level of comfort this it brings. It offers themes of hospitality you would find walking into an actual farmhouse while keeping up with the functionality needed for a retail space. When incorporating this style in your signage; light colors mixed with clean, dark text will be just what your customers need to feel a sense of convenience as they walk through your store. If you want to provide your customers with clean graphics and signage while incorporating bits of rustic materials and artwork, this style is for your retail space.

It’s Chic

Since the early 2010’s, Modern Farmhouse decor has become a staple in homes across the United States. Big brands like Pottery Barn and West Elm are constantly bringing in new inspirations for this style. Choosing a template like Modern Farmhouse will give you a long-lasting framework to build from for years to come. Our Curated plans offer several options that encompass Modern Farmhouse style ranging in fonts, colors, and textures. Adding this style will not only elevate your retail space, but it will also keep your organization relevant and functional.

 Ideal Customer Demographic

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What’s Next?

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