The Industrial Modern Experience

The Industrial Modern experience is a more contemporary take on our Modern Farmhouse designs. Now more than ever, companies are following the trend of upcycling old-fashioned buildings and repurposing them in this unique and elevated way. This style works in both rural and urban environments and appeals to a wide demographic of consumers.  If you are wanting to add focus to multiple areas and improve your stores functionality, this design is for you.


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It’s Clean

Unlike our Industrial Rustic style, Industrial Modern keeps it clean and simple. Industrial Modern utilizes the functional designs that can be found in a manufacturing building and pairs it with contemporary colors and fonts. If you are looking to remodel, this design is the perfect transition from old to new. Adopting this style for your retail space using our Curated plan will elevate your brand while staying within your budgetary needs.


Our work with Matherne’s Market on the Louisiana State University campus demonstrates the level cleanliness this style provides a retail space.


It’s Upscale

First popularized by Scottish designer Christopher Dresser, this style is the definition of upscale décor.  If you are looking to promote newer products and brands, this will help accomplish that. Industrial Modern design shows consumers that you are committed to providing high quality goods and services. This style differs from our other contemporary designs as it provides a strong sense of luxury and refinement. If you are looking to inspire contemporary living and trending products, this style works.




It’s Open

Using this style in your remodel can be just what your space needs to improve its functionality. Not only does this style include simple designs, but it also combines industrial textures like wood and painted brick to create depth and dimension in the space.This design works if you want to elevate your store while still piecing in bits of history.  


Our work with Carter’s Supermarket in Louisiana shows the number of possibilities this style can bring to open your space.



Ideal Customer Demographic

This visual shows you what types of customers fit this style best.






What’s Next?

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