Important Elements Of Landscape Design

The landscape design of your business has the ability to create memorable experiences for your customers. If you want to elevate the image of your store and bring in new customers, it is important to properly implement these 5 elements in your landscape design. 


When implementing color in your landscape design plan, it is important to create a space that aligns with your brand and elevates the mood of your customers. Strategically using color in your landscape design gives you the ability to attract customers to specific features. For instance, planting bright flowers around a feature will immediately capture people’s attention. Similar colors will create a sense of consistency, while different colors will bring contrast to your space. Refer to our article “Why It’s Important To Use Color In Your Store” to learn more about how color impacts your customers. 


A well-done landscape design creates an organized space for your customers. If you implement lines strategically, you can create walkways that direct people to structures that you want to highlight. Correctly implementing lines will enhance your customers’ experience with your landscape design. To avoid congestion, it is important to not block walkways or place too many items in one area. When implementing lines in your landscape design, consider using diagonal, curved, and straight lines to add to the creativity of you landscape design.


The form of a landscape design refers to the shape or arrangement of outdoor objects and/or plants. Depending on the type of form you choose, you have the ability to control people’s movement and create the proper mood. For a more natural form, implement trees and/or objects that are round and free-flowing. For a more rigid form, implement compact objects in your landscape design. The form of your landscape design is important because it is the foundation of your landscape strategy.


It is important to understand the distinctive textures of certain plants and man-made structures. For instance, shrubs have a heavier appearance than aspen trees. Textures can be coarse, medium, fine, smooth, and more. It is important to implement diverse textures in your landscape design. If you want to add depth to your landscape design, include a variety of textures to keep people interested.


The scale of your landscape design refers to the relationship between elements of your landscape and the surrounding space. It is important to that you choose an appropriate scale for your landscape design. Consider the size of your building in relation to your landscape design. It is important to properly space out your outdoor objects so that people can easily navigate your space. If you properly take the scale of your landscape design into account, you will be able to create a relaxing environment for people.

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If you want to increase your sales, it is important to attract customers to your store from a distance. Implementing the proper landscape design gives you the opportunity to bring in new customers, elevate your exterior space, and make a good first impression. 

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