How To Make Your Convenience Store More Convenient

Convenience stores play a pivotal role in American retail. While the number of c-stores declined in 2021, C-stores achieved a record $277.9 billion in-store sales. Now more than ever, stores are coming up with creative ways to implement more convenience in their stores design. As customers come and go through your store, what about your design elevates customer experience?


Here are 3 different ways you can elevate your c-store’s “convenience” through design.


Consider Your Layout

When thinking of store layout, most people don’t really consider how it can impact the buyers experience, but there’s more to it than you think. Becoming intentional with the way you organize your store will not only enhance the buyers experience but also optimize your stores traffic flow as well. Claus Ebster, a marketing consultant, explains this in detail in his book, In Store Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating StoreSpace That Encourages Buying.


“While no two stores are exactly alike, certain general patterns of how shoppers navigate a shopping environment can be identified. Taking these patterns into consideration when planning a store layout will improve shopper satisfaction and store profitability.”


In his book, Ebster also mentions certain behaviors that humans follow in their everyday shopping experience. For example, most people shop in a counterclockwise direction, eye level is "buy level" for shelved merchandise, and most people tend to avoid narrow aisles.



Here are 3 of the most common layout styles c-stores use.



This is one of the easiest styles to implement. It’s most used by smaller stores like c-stores and makes highlighting specific merchandise easy.



This style creates an outlined path for customers to follow. With this, customers see most of the merchandise before reaching the sales counter for their final purchase.




Great for larger c-stores and drugstores like Walgreens. This style exposes the customer to a high volume of merchandise in a quick and efficient way.




Create Visually Appealing Displays

Maybe you have a sale for a particular brand of candy or want to showcase your stores grab n’ go lunch options. Whatever the case may be, creating an eye-catching display attracts the attention of customers and drives sales in an efficient way. Customers will find themselves drawn to new products that may be out of the ordinary to what is usually displayed. In Ebster’s book, he offers four points to consider when creating a visually appealing display.


-       Present merchandise in an easily understandable way. Most people follow a logical sequence and stores should present goods in the same way. For example, if your store offers a soda fountain try putting cups on the left of the fountain with lids and straws on the right.

-       Facilitate the decision process by merchandise presentation. We see this often in c-stores where lighters are available for purchase at the front near the cigarettes. The same ideas can be applied to your display by pairing merchandise often bought together

-      Locate products at an appropriate height.Not too high that the customers can’t reach, and not too low that customers must bend or kneel.

-      Try to avoid gaps. Keep the display filled with merchandise as often as possible.


Get Creative with Your Signage

With our team of designers and engineers, the possibilities are endless. Your signage can share information with customers, drive impulse sales, show just how high quality your brand is. Our custom décor gives partners the freedom to explore ideas like the ones listed above and so many more.



Whether it’s changing your layout, creating visually appealing displays, or paying homage to your local community; Decorworx can help. Our custom designs and professional décor will elevate your convenience store and the customer experience.

If you are looking to remodel your store, contact our sales team today.