Importance Of Directional Signage In Your Store

Proper directional signage alleviates the stress that comes with aimlessly walking around a store. Businesses that correctly display directional signage enhance their customers’ experience. When done well, directional signage promotes safety, alleviates stress, and enhances your store’s brand.

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Safety should always be the number one priority when it comes to directional signage. Imagine one of your customers experiencing an emergency and having no idea where to go. With the recent concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, proper directional signage is more important than ever before. Keep in mind that the font of your directional signage should be readable from a significant distance. Additionally, your directional signage should never be in the way of your customers’ walkways. If you place safety at the forefront of your signage plan, you will create a trusting environment for your customers and team members.


One popular belief is that directional signage only serves one purpose: to direct your customers through your store. However, every sign in your store has the opportunity to create customer familiarity. You always want your first-time customers to have a positive experience that generates loyalty. Unique and on-brand directional signage improves brand awareness. The font and colors of your directional signage should always be in line with your brand. Having bright green directional signage when your brand’s colors are neutral will confuse your customers. If you keep your directional signage on-brand, you will have the opportunity to expand your brand’s awareness, enhance the mood of your store, and leave a lasting impression for your customers.


The stress of walking through a busy airport and having no idea where to go next is the last experience you want to replicate in your store. Many of your customers have packed schedules and can’t afford to waste valuable time in your store. You should do everything you can to decrease the stress and anxiety of your customers. If you find that your store is getting high rates of foot traffic, consider using arrows to indicate which direction your customers should go. The correct directional signage is able to decrease the stress of all types of customer: those who want to browse carefully and those who need to be in-and-out.


Many businesses believe that directional signage is purely informational. However, this is not the case. A business can expand their brand and personality through creative directional signage. Some places use directional signage to insert their brand’s sense of humor. Think about how you can connect your brand’s personality to your directional signage. If you can enhance your customers’ mood through creative directional signage, you will be able to personalize your customer relations and increase sales.


Do you find that your team members are often answering questions about where certain products are? If you answered yes to this question, it is probably time to update your directional signage in order to increase productivity. When your team members don’t have to spend as much time answering customers’ questions, they can re-focus their time on productive tasks. The proper directional signage will decrease customer confusion, and conversely, increase your team members’ productivity.

Directional signage is an important component of setting because it has the ability to enhance your customers’ experience. Update your directional signage if you notice safety concerns or agitation in your customers.

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