4 Ways To Appeal To Your Customers Through Taste

Correctly implementing taste in your store has the ability to create memorable experiences for your customers. Our sense of taste is directly tied to our sense of smell and memory. If you appeal to your customers’ sense of taste, your brand will stay at the forefront of their minds.

Learn 4 ways to implement taste in your store.

01 Offer free samples

This is the most common way to implement taste. If you have a new product or want to increase sales, offering free samples is the perfect answer. Buying hesitation occurs when customers have doubts about a certain product. Determining their satisfaction level before the buying process eliminates those doubts. Consider offering free samples to brighten your customers’ day and increase loyalty.

02 Invest in appetizing food imagery

“We eat first with our eyes.”- Apicius

Your customers are more likely to buy food products that appear appetizing. When done correctly, food imagery showcases your brand, creates an emotional connection with your customers, and increases sales. Food imagery creates a lasting impression for your brand and determines buying behavior. Consider including your chefs and/or bakers in your food imagery to personalize your brand. If you want to ensure that your food is visually appetizing, it will be beneficial to hire a professional food photographer.

03 Offer snacks at the entrance

The recency effect states that we tend to remember the first and last parts of our experiences. Establishing your customers’ satisfaction upon entry and/or exit will keep your brand in their memory. Additionally, offering snacks and beverages upon entrance creates a good first impression and sets the tone for your customers’ experience.

04 Invest in a restaurant or eatery

Navigating your way through grocery store aisles and large crowds can be stressful. We all need a place to escape from sensory overload. Restaurants and eateries are the perfect way to implement taste and give your customers a much needed break. Some groceries stores invest in a bars so their customers can relax and meet new people. Restaurants, eateries, and bars are a great way to create new and unique experiences for your customers.

Taste is a key component of setting because it gives you the ability to create lasting experiences for your customers. Correctly implementing taste in your store can enhance your store’s holistic experience and increase customer loyalty.

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