The Contemporary Organic Experience

Contemporary Organic style encompasses the many benefits of healthy living. Often associated with the rise in health food stores and farmers markets, this style takes vibrant color schemes and natural textures to create a beautiful marriage. A more natural take on ourContemporary Bold style, this style thrives in stores with a focus on produce and floral departments. If your retail space promotes healthy living and you are looking for a refresh, this style may be just what you need.


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It’s Trendy

This style takes the themes and colors often found in stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and elevates your space to give it a fresh, new look. This design appeals to both younger and older customers and is great for brands wanting to encourage health-conscious products and services. Even if your space isn’t strictly a health foods store, this style will send a message that your brand keeps products relevant and trendy.



It’s Vibrant

This style is for those looking to keep their stores décor minimal while maximizing its functionality.If you find yourself intimidated by going completely natural with your décor, check out our work with Porter’s Grocery Store in Seminole Texas. This store shows just Contemporary Organic creates an organic feel for your space while adding focus to areas other than produce.


It’s Friendly

This style creates a welcoming environment for your retail space. The use of light color schemes and organic textures create an inviting space for your customers to explore your products. Contemporary Organics is inclusive as it appeals to a wide demographic and focuses on upholding the current trends. Customers will be captured by the vibrant colors and playful typography while they explore your retail space. Whether it’s a family of 4 or a single college student, this style embraces people from a variety of backgrounds and communities.





Ideal Customer Demographic

This visual shows you what types of customers fit this style best.


What’s Next?

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