The Contemporary Bold Experience

Contemporary Bold is unlike any other style. Its dynamic use of color, fonts, and textures offer a memorable experience for anyone who enters your store. This style creates a strong image and brand for your space while welcoming customers from a variety of backgrounds. If you are looking to refresh your space and promote all things new and notable, this style is for you.

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It’s Bright

Contemporary Bold offers your customers a lively experience that will surely engage their senses. Now more than ever, stores are using color psychology as a tool for brand management and store design. There is evidence that suggests there is a strong relationship between color and brand personality. Implementing this design will provide a creative approach for marketing your products and services.

It’s Inviting

Whether you are adding focus to your bakery, produce, or butcher; this style offers a lot of versatility for businesses to have fun with their décor. Not only are bold colors energizing and attractive to most eyes, but they also create an inclusive feel most muted color schemes don’t offer. This style will work for you if you are wanting to increase brand loyalty and refresh your space.



It’s Fun

Choosing this style opens the door for your creativity and imagination. ContemporaryBold works well for all demographics and will appeal to wide range of customers who enter your store. Not only is this style versatile for adults but children who enter your store will also enjoy seeing the bright colors and textures in your décor as well. Our work with Macey’s in Murray, Utah shows just how creative this style can be.

Ideal Customer Demographic

This visual shows you what types of customers fit this style best.




What’s Next?

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