The Proper Window Signage For Your Store

Your storefront should have a display that captures the attention of those who walk by your store. The proper window signage will welcome new customers to your store and elevate your brand. Implement the following to improve your storefront window display.

01 Use the correct colors

If your design has a background, choosing colors that have a high contrast will help your signage stand out. Pairing light with dark colors is the best way to ensure that your sign will have good contrast. If there is no background in your design and it is printed on clear material, using white text is the best option. Make sure to not use too many colors in your design as this can make the sign too busy. For more on the importance of color, read our article here.

02 Ensure readability from a distance

Readability is the most important aspect to consider when it comes to signage. You should make sure that the most important text on your signs is readable from a significant distance. In addition, you should choose your font size carefully to ensure your letters won’t be too close together. Make sure to add an inch to the height of your letters for every 10 feet between the sign and your customer. For instance, if you want your window signage to be readable from 100 feet away, your letters should at least be 10 inches tall.  

03 Know your audience

Your window display should always be on brand. Staying on brand means being consistent with the message you want to present to your customers. Businesses with strong brands are able to attract customers that align with their purpose and values. Ask yourself a few questions before you install your window display. What is my target audience? Why do my customers choose to shop here over other stores? What about us makes us unique? If you can answer these questions, you will be able to come up with a window design that attracts the right people to your store.

04 Consider your options

Do you want your entire window to be covered? Do you just want a few window graphics on your window? Perforated window vinyl is a popular choice due to its high visibility from the outside and transparent view from the inside. It allows your store to continue to feel open due to the natural light it brings in. Window decals are another common choice in retail spaces. Window decals are an easily replaceable and inexpensive option. If you want to promote a temporary sale or promotion in your store, window decals may be the perfect answer for you. It’s important to consider the purpose behind your window design before choosing the proper window signage for your store.