The Initial Assessment

First contact with sales and store evaluation

The process begins when you meet with a member of our talented sales force. Our sales representative will ask you a series of questions regarding your store, including location, demographics, square footage, budget and completion deadlines. This discovery period will allow us to serve you better throughout the entire process. As a team, you and your sales representative will move the project forward.

Another vital part of the initial assessment is your store evaluation. We will have you evaluate your store by walking through your store as if you were a customer. You will review the décor of your store and the departments so that we can help you determine what changes should be made to your store. After your store evaluation is completed, your sales representative will assist you in analyzing your store and will help you create a plan and determine how it will be implemented.

The Development Stage

Pre-design, ideas and concepts

This is an important phase in the process as we will evaluate your products, brand market, demographics and budget. Compiling research from all of these elements will give us the information we need to allow us to create and design unique décor for your store.

One of our first tasks as a décor company is to discover the overall look you desire and what is right for your store. Our sales team will provide you with mood boards and examples to help you with the brainstorming process. Your input will help us understand your store and your brand.

Once our designers have an idea of the overall look and direction of your store, they will begin to create drawings and renderings.  Typically the key departments of Produce, Meat and Bakery are designed during this phase. If you have a department that signifies your brand, we highlight and feature that department to help you stand out from your competitors.

The Approval Period

Customer approval, final design and estimate

The sales team will present the design to you. You and your sales team will have a discussion about the design direction. You will have the chance to share what you like or dislike about the concepts. As we continue to develop the concepts for your store, this is when the magic happens.

After you have approved the general concepts for the store, we begin the final design stage. We must obtain correct measurements and the layout of your store. At this point, your sales team will need to know if any structural changes will occur. We will design a 360’ of your store. This will enable us to visually place all the elements on the walls with correct proportions, colors, as well as layout.

Once the store design is completely proportioned to the store, you will be given an estimate of the cost. The estimate will help you understand the scope of your job. The estimate will itemize the décor and the prices of each product.

If there are any design changes or adjustments you would like made, then this is the point where the designers will make those final changes. Our designers will make the final changes before we send the project off to our engineering and production departments.

One final detail before we continue. Because we are a custom décor company, a final approval of the designs, measurements and layout of the store is required before production starts. Measure twice, cut once.

The Final Procedure

Down Payment, Engineering, Production and Install

Upon final approval, we require a 50% deposit and a signed contract to begin production. This step must be timely, ensuring deadlines will be met with accuracy.

Each piece of décor flows through our engineering department to ensure quality and correct specifications on your project.

The manufacturing process can take several weeks to complete. The production department will ensure your store is built with quality. Our project control team will manage and schedule your project, and your sales representative will keep you informed of the progress.

Now it is time to renew your store. This stage is when you will experience the excitement and anticipation of a newly transformed store!