Tips to Transform Your Deli

A unique destination point

Grocers across the country are focusing more and more on improving their in-store deli. For years, deli departments have been drawing customers to stores for their pre-cooked meals, salads, chicken, sliced meats and cheeses. Recently however, many stores have focused on making the department unique among all the other grocers.

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The Steps of our Decor Process

We begin with your end goal in mind

To sum things up succinctly, as your décor partner we are here to be an asset to you, period.  We accomplish this by beginning with your end goal in mind. For example, you may wish to receive “a beautiful, vibrant, welcoming store environment that draws customers in and invites them to stay a while.” This goal will be our main focus and will lead us through the entire décor process. The goal you set will go hand-in-hand with the main objective: to increase sales revenue; this is the result we want to help every client achieve.

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The Materials that Make Up Your Store’s Decor

From metal to wood and everything in-between

We have had many retail customers ask where we get the decor and signs that we install in their markets. The answer is that we make most of them from raw materials. Nearly every day we receive shipments of a variety of different materials that we cut, print, paint, and shape into the decor that makes these stores beautiful. The materials we use for our products range from metal to wood and everything in-between.

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3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Frozen Food Aisle

Fix common problems in the frozen section

If you live in a place like Cedar City, Utah, you are probably tired of the cold, frozen weather outside. However, winter can be a great time to spruce up the frozen food aisle inside your store. The three most common problems in the frozen aisles are poor aisle flow, confusing signage and an uninviting environment. The good news is that these things can be easily fixed.

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Bringing a Store to Life

How we achieve the goals of our clients

A well thought out store can create deep connections in customers who shop there. They clearly draw customers to the products that they want as well as the ones that they don’t yet know that they want; they give the customer a clue of the purpose and ideals of the store. For instance, does the store focus on fresh products, specialty products or value products? Great stores create bonds with the shoppers, and make them want to come back with all of their friends.

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